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Progress on the much-awaited The Pearl South Pacific resort development is on track for its planned August 2015 grand opening.

The Pearl Resort redevelopment is said to highlight the potential of Fiji’s adventure capital Pacific Harbour by creating 190 additional jobs.

The new state-of-the-art facility is being undertaken in three phases, with the investment by PNG’s Mineral Resources Development Company now estimated to be $85 million. The project which started two years ago has already seen construction of the new marina and new rooms, conference facilities, gym and spa and fine dining restaurant.

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Property sales continue to grow in Pacific Harbour, recent local developments and good seasonal weather has since an increase in tourist numbers to Fiji, resulting in a bonus for those looking at investing in Fiji Property. With recent upgrades at The Pearl Resort including construction of multi-purpose Marina and plans to redevelop the Pacific Harbour Golf Club and Uprising Beach Resort, its a very exciting time to be in Fiji at present.

Below we look at some Fijian Properties in and around Pacific Harbour which are great value in today’s real estate market.

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Fiji Thrives in Tourism and Investment

Fiji has stamped its mark as the leading tourism industry in the Pacific.

And according to ANZ’s Asia Pacific Economics quarterly report, Fiji was one of the largest Pacific economies and was systemically important to the tourism industry in the region.

With the tourism industry being one of the largest contributors to gross domestic product (GDP), the bank said data from the Fiji Bureau of Statistics regarding arrivals were available on a timely basis than most of the Pacific.

“From 2002 through 2012 annual tourist arrivals into Fiji climbed from 397,859 to 660,590, averaging growth of 6.3 per cent per year,” the bank said.

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Fiji’s Adventure Capital will undergo an array of activities this year by focusing more on communicating with its tourism markets with an ongoing investment on a marketing campaign programme.

Pacific Harbour Tourism Association steering committee member, Alfred Christoffersen in a recent interview said this is part of re-establishing their brand and image as their core activities.
“Communicating with the market makes up the early stages of our plans and following on from this is a focus on infrastructure development and improvements focused in tourism,” Mr  Christoffersen said.

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The construction of the multi-million-dollar marina at the Pearl South Pacific Resort and Spa in Pacific Harbour is set to turn the getaway into a world-class tourist resort.

And its progress and returns are closely monitored by stakeholders of developers Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) in Papua New Guinea.

MRDC chairman Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc said the $8m marina investment was one of the company’s first major development projects outside of PNG and engaging professionals and independent experts had been a priority for MRDC.

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There is now a renewed push for Pacific Harbour to reach its potential as the country’s Adventure Capital. This follows the official launch of a rejuvenated brand during October/November 2013 with the township’s new signage being unveiled recently.

Led by the Pacific Harbour Tourism Association, Fiji’s Adventure Capital will be sporting a new look, rolled out across collateral, signage, promotions materials and a new website

The association’s Steering Committee said: “We’re excited about this new push. Developing our brand strategy has been a community effort, Pacific Harbour’s households and businesses pooling resources, energy and smarts to create something wonderful. Pacific Harbour is a truly unique destination in Fiji. We’re home to some of Fiji’s most sought after activities, as well as experiences only found here. We don’t just call ourselves Fiji’s Adventure Capital, we are indeed Fiji’s Adventure Capital.”

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Papua New Guinea’s Mineral Resources Development Company Director/Chairman of Investments, Mr Simon Korua has signalled their growing confidence in the Fijian Tourism Industry with further investments in Pacific Harbour during the opening of the Pacific Bar & Grill Restaurant at The Pearl South Pacific Resort recently.

As new owners of The Pearl South Pacific Resort, Spa & Championship Golf Course, the Mineral Resources Development Company is investing $99 million in the property.
With a completion date for all developments scheduled for first quarter 2015, the investment will complete three phases of construction/building for the property.

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Nanuku Cove Estates (formally Taunovo Bay Resort & Spa) have signalled their intentions in setting new benchmarks in high-end luxury accommodation after are completing construction on their new clubhouse and exciting new restaurant and bar. Nanuku will soon begin to market beachfront lots to very high end clients.

This includes the completion of the infrastructure for the Nanuku Cove Estates precinct, construction of a new Nanuku Resort central facility, refurbishment of all the resort villas and upgrading of the Nanuku Resort Airport. To complete this major expansion and construction work, the project has directly employed over 190 workers from the area with an additional 60 workers indirectly employed.

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